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Automated Text Message Service for Businesses

Automated text message services can transform your business. Text message automation can be used to connect with your audience, reach large numbers of people, and communicate with them with minimal to no human intervention.

Automated texts, also called scheduled or triggered messages, are text messages that have been pre-written and are scheduled to be sent at a later time. Automated texts can help you save time and reach more people. It’s easy to learn how to send automated texts for marketing purposes. Text message automation is simply the sending or triggering text messages automatically to people or groups with minimal or no manual input. Because it allows brands to engage at scale with their customers, marketing automation is very popular.

You have many options to reach your audience with our automated texting service. We offer a variety of options, from simple scheduling to more complicated recurring SMS or event-triggered messaging.

The Best Automated Text Message Service for Companies

Personalize the user experience based upon the behavior of the individual. No matter how complex the task, setting up automated drips is easy with our service. This powerful feature can be set up in a variety of ways. You can send a message with a link, and then follow up after some time depending on whether they clicked. These are great for creating SMS chatbots and collecting information to nurture leads.

Can You Schedule an Automated Text Message?

Scheduling SMS messages is one of many ways you can take advantage of SMS automation. Scheduling is easy with our texting service. You have the choice to send a message now, later, or at a certain date and timing. You can choose to send it later and you have the option to set a date or time when your message will be sent. You can also choose the time zone in which your messages will be sent.

Recurring SMS, also known as “repeating texts”, are SMS messages that are automatically sent at regular intervals. Recurring messages are similar to scheduled text messages. You can set a time and have the message repeat, but you also have the option to make it repeat in the future. You can send recurring SMS messages to remind people of birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries.

Automated Texting Is a Powerful Feature for Your Business

It’s easy to notice that quicker response times translate into higher conversion rates. Automated texting allows you to reply in seconds. Scheduling messages makes it easier to connect with leads, resolve more customer questions, and reduce the time required for communication.

Marketing studies show that customers prefer automated texting to make it easy for them to reach them at all hours of the day. Automated text messages can be customized to suit your business’s needs. Autoresponders are also known as auto-replies. They are the most popular and easiest method of automating SMS messages. These are used to confirm subscriptions for SMS marketing programs and mass texting services. An auto-response is sent to anyone who joins a text message list. It thanks them for signing up and often provides additional information or offers.

Autoresponders can be used by businesses to provide information. They may have hundreds of keywords that give specific answers to specific people. Let us help you save time and money by educating you about the options. Send thoughtful messages to your customers and respond on-demand when they need you.

How to Automate a Text Message and What Are the Benefits?

You can use scheduled texts to send reminders for appointments, event reminders, and stock replenishment alerts. This feature is a must-have when you’re employing texting services. Most companies can reduce their business costs by using reminder campaigns.

You can set up text messages to be sent automatically daily, weekly, or monthly. You have almost unlimited scheduling options, so you can put important SMS messages on autopilot. You could, for example, set up bulk SMS messages to be sent to a list every two months at 3:15 pm. There are so many options available: these messages can be combined with our segmentation tools in order to target people who meet certain criteria. Automating your text messages is a smart decision for many reasons.

An Automated Text Messaging System Is Essential for Online Stores

If you are an owner or operator of an online store, then you know how much revenue can be lost due to abandoned orders. Many people are guilty of filling their shopping carts with goodies, then starting the checkout process, and getting distracted from their purchase. Texting is one of the best ways to re-engage lost customers. This will bring them back to your site and encourage them to complete their orders. It is simple to set up our service and it runs 100% by itself. After integration, automated text messages will start sending to customers who abandon your checkout process with links that lead them back. An analytics dashboard allows you to monitor the progress of cart recovery. You’ll be able to access all the data you need to make sure you get the best ROI.

Who Else Needs Automated Text Messages?

Automating your text messages is a smart move in this fast-paced world. It allows you to focus more on the important tasks you need to do. You probably have a number of reasons to automate your SMS and MMS marketing campaigns. It is easy to set up any one of our automated SMS messaging features. Great marketing tools should be both simple and powerful, according to us. Automation allows you to concentrate on other areas of your company or business. Our auto texting service will take care of keeping your audience engaged so you can concentrate your attention elsewhere.

Automated SMS for Healthcare Businesses

Increase your patient intake, improve onboarding, get timely cancelation of appointments, and communicate with providers just by texting from your existing number. The best way to communicate effectively with staff, patients, and physicians is through automated text service. It is easier than ever for patients to be reached and texting can help improve productivity in the office. Picture messaging allows patients and doctors to send a picture of their insurance card via text to expedite the onboarding process. Scheduled text reminders can also be used to eliminate no-shows.

Automated messaging services offer a unique opportunity for improving communication throughout the patient care process. You can check in with patients after treatment and answer any questions or request reviews using texting.

Texting for collections allows healthcare providers to connect with patients who are in default faster, collect late payment payments quicker, and reduce charge-offs. It is discrete and non-invasive to remind patients about late payments via texting. You can use Dynamic Fields in Group Messages to send personalized reminders and alerts to multiple patients at the same time.

Reach employees quickly and other doctors – Do you need to reach a physician who has referred a patient? Are you a staff member who is constantly on the go within your facility, or between locations? It’s quick and easy to communicate internally by texting.

Here’s an example of an automated text for healthcare businesses: “Hi, confirming that you have an appointment on the 25th at 3:25 pm. We appreciate you scheduling an appointment with us. If you have any questions, send an email or a text. We look forward to seeing you!”

Automated SMS for Finance Companies

Accelerate the lending process. Securely text from your existing business line to send secure SMS messages. Automated text services can speed up loan closings. Phrases like “Pay Now” in SMS can help eliminate confusion. A customer will pay an invoice faster if it is easier to pay it. Text messages with picture messaging are more effective for borrowers. Applicants can also send photos of required documents with their mobile phones. It’s easy to send out standard messages over and over again with Templates.

To collect late payments faster and decrease charge-offs, you can quickly connect with the delinquent borrower by text. It is discrete and non-invasive to remind borrowers about late payments by texting. You can also send personalized reminders to multiple blind-copied borrowers with Dynamic Fields or Group Messages. You can deepen and improve relationships. Texting is an intimate and familiar medium that allows you to build trust and nurture relationships.

Your service agents can respond faster to customer inquiries and solve issues than they could by phone. Customers don’t have the luxury of waiting on hold. After implementing business messaging services, financial institutions reported a rise in customer satisfaction and higher ratings online.

Automated SMS for Restaurants

Customers can text or call the same number to make reservations or place orders for pick-up or delivery. They can also request general information about the restaurant. This is the most efficient way to contact restaurant customers and employees.

Automate pick-up and delivery. Staff can automatically text customers to inform them when their food is available for pickup or delivery. You can text them back to let them know if there are any changes or delivery instructions. You can send a link to your Google Reviews via text message. You just need to include the Google Review short link in your message.

Automated text service helps you keep the table full. Your customers can make a reservation by text. Scheduled Messages can be used to set up an automatic reminder for customers once they have confirmed their reservation. This will allow them to immediately respond if they need it. You can make it easier for customers while they wait by notifying them when their table is available.

For internal communication, business SMS services are useful. Group Messaging allows you to quickly communicate with your employees about last-minute changes and reminders for staff meetings. Your employees can reach out to you regarding urgent questions, shift scheduling changes, availability changes, and much more. Send a group SMS to your employees if someone cancels their shift.

Automated SMS services can help you build a loyal customer base. Customers will be informed about new restaurant announcements, specials, events, or promotions. You can thank them for coming by, ask for feedback, and encourage them to leave reviews.

Automated SMS for Education

Keep in touch with students, parents, alumni, staff, and build trust by texting. Texting is the best way to communicate with parents, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other interested parties. Automated SMS can increase donor, parent, student, and staff responsiveness. Getting students’ attention is half of the battle when communicating with them. 88% of people ignore calls from an unknown number, while 98% of text messages are read in under three minutes. Texting can be used to schedule appointments, suggest financial aid options, or connect with alumni. It can help you increase enrollment and early registration.

It can be difficult to keep track of students and enrolling them is a long process. Texting helps universities and colleges stay in touch with potential students and help them enroll faster. Our automated text service allows you to use your existing phone numbers. Students can text or call admissions officers at the same number.

Here is an example SMS to education that you can use: Hey! To RSVP for the live webinar this week, please respond YES/NO. We look forward to seeing you there.

Automated SMS for Wellness Business

Keep your members informed and engaged with your gym, studio, or salon. It’s easy to send appointment reminders and class changes, discounts, or other information via automated text. Prospects can quickly connect with you by texting a specific word and receiving a free treatment or workout. To ensure that clients receive a response even while you are away, schedule reminder classes and use auto-replies.

Segment your classes, billing delinquencies, and waitlists by creating segmented groups. To provide a personalized, automated customer experience, schedule templated messages with dynamic fields to create personal and efficient customer service.

Our platform is enterprise-grade and was designed with your business franchise in mind. You can maintain consistent brand messaging through the use of personalized SMS templates in multiple locations. We also provide detailed reporting and tracking to help you optimize your marketing campaigns and members’ engagement.

Automated SMS for Retail & Online Shops

Build loyalty and convert shoppers into buyers with automated texting services. You can provide the easy, seamless, and world-class experience today’s customers expect from you, by texting. To increase revenue, texting is an efficient and quick way to send out offers, flash sales, coupons, or other recurring offers.

To make it easy for customers and friends to sign up for your loyalty program, use SMS keywords. Then reward them with special store hours or pre-day sales. Add a Click to Text button to your Instagram or website to make it easy for customers to reach your company. This allows them to quickly and easily send their questions to you.

Customers don’t need to wait on hold and can reply in their own time. Customers can contact you directly through texting. They can also seamlessly switch to voice calls if their preference changes. Automated texting can help you build lasting relationships and increase sales.

Because texting is an intimate, high-priority medium, it’s perfect for building trust with customers and nurturing relationships. Customers who engage via text can see a 328% rise in sales, according to retail businesses. You can also use texting to promote referrals and drive additional sales. You can schedule pick-ups or deliveries by texting. It is also a great way to offer precise delivery times and more specific scheduling. This will help you optimize your business.

Here’s an example of an automated SMS that you can use to guide you: Hey, you have good taste. Don’t forget to add the items to your shopping cart. Get free delivery on Wednesday if you order within the next two hours.

Automated SMS for Sport and Events Industry

Increase ticket sales and Improve fans’ experience by text enabling existing sales and service numbers. Automated texting services can help you retain season ticket holders and bring in new business quickly. Engage with season ticket holders via text to increase your sales team’s conversion rate and retain them.

You can easily share pricing information and seating charts with prospects using picture messaging. All you have to do is text directly from your CRM. You can send and receive text messages with your business number. Employees no longer need to use their personal mobile phones to send and receive texts. Our services educate staff to text-enable landlines and VoIP numbers, so they can send and receive messages on their mobile devices or computers using their existing business number.

Advanced features will increase the effectiveness of your sales or marketing teams. SMS keywords can be used to create leads and engage fans in new ways. To let the fans know that you care, schedule personalized check-ins and create BCC groups to send bulk text messages such as waitlist notifications.

Automated SMS for Legal

Increase client communication, eliminate phone tags and improve billing accuracy by text-enabling your business landlines instead of personal cell phones. You can send clients text messages from your office landline, VoIP, or toll-free number.

To remind clients about upcoming court dates and consultations, schedule texts. For clients who text you outside of business hours, create personalized Auto Replies. Improve billing accuracy for text conversations by tracking the time, date, and length of every text conversation. Reduce text conversations from personal mobile devices to ensure your firm does not lose billable conversations.

To keep track of all client communications, you can easily maintain a system for record. Advanced texting tools can increase productivity. You can personalize your messages quickly by selecting any contact details to include dynamically. Shared access allows your team to see selected client text conversations.